How to Get a Mobile Phone With Bad Credit

Our lives today would be barely recognizable without the small device kept in our pockets called mobile phones. Not only do we not leave the house without it, we even keep nearby when we are in the house. Doesn't matter what we are doing. We might be working on the computer, cooking a meal in the kitchen or taking a bath, but we always make sure that our mobile phone is nearby so that we could hear it when it rings. Once it does, we tend to stop anything else that we are doing and answer it.
As PAYG (pay as you go) plans are becoming increasingly more expensive, many mobile phone companies are now offering a good alternative for getting a mobile phone contract. This is because they offer fixed plans custom-made for you and your needs.
But what if you have a bad credit rating? As you've already noticed, this could be a huge roadblock in many situations. For instance, if you have a poor credit score, you might as well forget about getting a large loan from a high street bank. One look at your credit history and they will just say, “thank you, but we can't help you”. It's much the same when you want to get a mobile phone contract.
However, that doesn't mean that it is impossible to get a bad credit mobile phone. Many companies can offer you much needed help in getting a mobile phone with bad credit, such as Instant Mobile. But below you'll see why we are better.
Our company works closely with the major phone service providers in the United Kingdom and can make this search much easier for you. What we do is that we look at each individual case, looking carefully at every detail. Only after that can we safely recommend what we feel is the most suitable mobile phone with bad credit for you.
Now, we completely understand that you can be in a rush to get a mobile phone, but we would like to warn you to be cautious. Many companies out there are promising guaranteed mobile phones for people with bad credit, or that they won't check your credit history at all. While this sounds great in theory, the truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a no credit or guaranteed mobile phone contract. Your credit rating will be checked, it's just a matter of getting an approval much easier.

Why Would You Apply With Us?

Now we come to the really important question that probably lingered in your mind since you visited our website: why would you apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract with us? We got several reasons:

  • Instant results – Apply for a bad credit mobile phone and we'll tell you the results instantly. All you need to do is fill in an easy application form.
  • All credit types are welcome – it doesn't matter what is the condition of your credit rating. Everyone is welcome here regardless of his or her credit history.
  • Much better chance for acceptance -  If your credit rating is poor and you apply on our website, you'll have a higher chance of getting accepted, regardless of whether you were rejected somewhere before or not.
  • We got top Smartphones – You will be hard pressed to find a wider range of mobile phones anywhere else.

So are you looking for a mobile phone, but have a bad credit problem? No worries, Morton Phones is the perfect place to get it. Just fill in our simple application form and we'll give you the results in a few seconds. Join thousands of people already enjoying mobile phones that they got through us.

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